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Two new poetry publications

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Two new poetry publications include one poem in Don't Submit magazine.
Don’t Submit is an online literary magazine with no rejection letters and no acceptance letters

The season is busy, but I am pleased to share an update about two new poetry publications from my work, each one in a literary magazine approaching publishing from an angle that interests me. (Also, why does it seem that publishing news always seems to come in twos for me?)

First, I am very happy to have a new poem in Issue 3.2 of Strukturriss. Based in Ireland, the magazine concentrates on writing that explores experimental aesthetics and anti-capitalist politics. My piece, “Study for an Aerial View or Neighbourhood Formal or Kelly Green” is a hybrid piece working between prose and verse to explore urban planning language and the politics of urban territorial representation. A digital copy of the issue is available for 1.99 EUR on the site.

Next, I am equally as glad to share a poem, “Global Economic Forecast Optimistic Despite Uncertainty,” available online at Don’t Submit. The poem is a procedural text written from a source corpus of journalistic writing on recentu European politics; after a randomizing operation performed to chop up and shuffle the corpus, collage techniques were used to create a new poem. The text is part of a longer project that is forthcoming in its complete form, news of which I’ll share in the near future. In the meantime, I’m very grateful to the editors of Don’t Submit, a journal that underlines the imperative of its name by offering no rejection letters, and no acceptance letters either.

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