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Poetry in edited books

  • “a bright wave squelching between us” Unsung Songs, Avni Vyas, Ed., The Offending Adam, 2021
  • “You Must Become a Bear” – Best New Poets 2016: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers, Mary Szybist, Guest Ed., Jeb Livingood and Angie Hogan, Series Ed., 2016

Poetry in periodicals


Poetry Criticism

Film Criticism

  • Whimsy and Horror: On Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo” – The Hairsplitter, August 2014
  • “Five Lessons from ‘The Fog of War’” – Cinespect, March 2013
  • “Death by Piano” – Cinespect, March 2012
  • “Lars von Trier’s Grip on Reality” – Cinespect, February 2012