Jeremy Allan Hawkins

Original photo by Trisha Ward.

I’m a New York-born, French-American poet and researcher, and this is the site where I will be creating space for the different things I do and make.

As a writer, I have published poetry and criticism in Europe and the United States for over a decade. As a researcher, I work on the material aspects of poetic language, and specifically how it influences our bodies in space. As a human being, I believe in the struggle against systemic oppression and environmental destruction. These are different facets of an ever-evolving cluster of positions that I’m going to call Spatial Poetics.

This site will serve, in part, as a place to maintain a research blog as I pursue a Doctor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. I’ll also try to direct readers elsewhere, to work I find to be meaningful, especially if it allows for the amplification of underrepresented or historically silenced voices.

Thanks for joining me here in this digital space.