Short talk at the Symposium on Writing and Creative Practice at the University of Glasgow

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On Thursday, April 22nd, I’ll be giving a short online talk on Spatial Poetics where I will introduce my thesis project and share a selection of initial results from experimental pedagogy on poetic practices as part of the Symposium on Writing and Creative Practice at the University of Glasgow.

The 5-hour event is being organized on the occasion of the Creative Writing department at the University of Glasgow applying to become the Centre for Writing and Creative Practice, and will both celebrate what has come before as well anticipate the opportunities that will come with the change. I am personally quite happy to see how my department will evolve, not in terms of progress or growth, but in reference to its involvement in meaningful cross-disciplinary research, teaching and action. It’ll be a real pleasure to be a part of the occasion, and contributing to the transformation being made.

My 5-minute talk will take place at 11h35 (GMT+1), and free tickets are available at the Symposium’s Eventbrite page.

Also, I’ll be in good company: there’ll be presentations throughout the symposium that deal with spatiality, the body, practice and/or performance, world building, digital spaces, science fiction, politics, and much more. Knowing several of the presenters and their work, I can’t recommend the programme enough.

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